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11+ Test provider for 2023 test (2024 entry to Year 7)

CEM, the current 11+ test provider for the Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools, has given notice that it will no longer be offering paper-based tests, but will only be providing online testing.  

The number of candidates sitting the Slough Consortium test makes an online test impractical, and alternative testing arrangements will therefore be put in place for the September 2023 test. 

The four grammar schools in the Slough Consortium are currently in discussion to agree the format and provider of the 2023 test, and further information will be made available on the school websites when these arrangements are confirmed.  No further comment will be made until then.  

Please note that Slough Consortium does not support or promote tutoring for the 11+ examination – regardless of provider – as the test outcomes should be an indicator of the child’s natural academic ability and their potential to benefit from the kind of academic education provided in the grammar schools.


Most students enter St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School in Year 7 through the 11+ academic selection process.  There are occasional vacancies for places in other year groups.  A further group of students will join in the Sixth Form at the start of Year 12. 

Year 7 

Boys and girls are considered for admission to St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School if they meet the required standard in the 11+ examination, which is designed to identify pupils with the ability and aptitude for a grammar school education. The school is part of an 11+ testing consortium with Herschel Grammar School, Langley Grammar School, and Upton Court Grammar School. 

The school holds an Open Evening in September which provides prospective students and their parents the opportunity to find out more about the school and to look around the site and to gather information from teaching staff. 

We invite all new pupils to an induction and orientation day in July in preparation for their admission in September.  On this day, they will meet with their new form tutor and other members of their tutor group.   

There is also a new Parents’ Evening in September, when you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s form tutor. 

For general Information about the school’s admission arrangements for 2022 entry, please go to the 2022 Admission page.

Admissions to St Bernard's

Admission to any of the four grammar schools in Slough is based on reaching an eligibility score in the consortium 11+ examination. Any child reaching a score of 111 on a standardised scale (this score represents approximately the top third of the 11+ examination outcome range) is deemed potentially suitable for a grammar school place and is eligible for consideration for admission. However, each of the four schools have different criteria for admission and you should refer to the Admissions Policy for each school.

Details of the timetable for entry to Year 7 in September 2022 can be found in the Key Dates 2022 entry document.  The Slough Consortium guide to the 11+ examination, frequently asked questions document and extended familiarisation materials provided by CEM can be accessed via the links.

Allocation of places for September 2021

School places are allocated by your home local authority on Monday 1 March 2021.  If you wish to appeal against the decision not to allocate your child a place at St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School, please follow the online process using the link below.

The Appeals Information detailed below may help you when considering whether or not to make an appeal.


All the entrance tests are scanned twice using different hardware and different staff and the results checked against each other. In the highly unlikely event that there is a variation between the two scans, it is manually investigated and, if necessary, resolved before the data is uploaded for standardisation No changes have ever been made as a result of a remark due to the stringency of the process employed when the forms are scanned.  The Slough Consortium Grammar Schools will not undertake any test remarks until after the national offer date (Sunday 1 March 2020).  The cost of a re-mark would be £50 per paper.  Requests for a remark should be made in writing to the school where your child sat the test.

In-Year Admissions Years 7-11

As previously mentioned, most students join St Bernard's at the start of Year 7 having successfully achieved the eligibility score in the 11+ entrance examination.  We are aware however, that there may be reasons why you wish us to consider admission for your child beyond this point.  For example, you may have moved to the area, or you would like your son or daughter to benefit from the high quality education that we offer.

St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School is over-subscribed, which means that we do not usually have places available.  However, places do occasionally become available which means we will consider new applicants for admission.

As a selective school, before a place can be offered your son or daughter must sit and pass an entrance examination based on English Language, Mathematics and Science.  We may also request a school report and reference from the most recent school your child has attended.

If you would like your child to be considered for testing, please complete the In-Year Admissions Form using the link below:

In-Year Admissions Form

Once your child has sat our in-year entrance examinations, if you need to appeal you can request an in-year appeal form from the Clerk.  You should write to the Clerk to the Appeals Panel, PO Box 4235, Slough, Berkshire, SL3 3FP requesting an in-year form within 2 weeks of receipt of you child's result letter.  Your completed appeal form and evidence must be returned to the Clerk.  Your appeal will be heard within 30 school days upon receipt of the completed appeal form.

Sixth Form

The vast majority of Year 11 students at St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School stay on to the Sixth Form, and we also welcome a number of students transferring from other schools providing they meet the entry requirements. 

For further information about entry to the Sixth Form go to the Sixth Form Admissions page below

Sixth Form Admissions

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