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As a Catholic community with special regard for young people, St Bernard’s has an active Chaplaincy that  seeks to recognise the developing spiritual needs of the young people it serves and to respond appropriately to provide all students, from any faith or no faith, with opportunities to receive their Entitlement to a genuine Spiritual Development and opportunities to live out and experience the values of Love, Service Forgiveness and Compassion.


Our lay Chaplain Siobhan leads an active team of students in a huge variety of roles that make up the school chaplaincy. Liturgy Leaders and Wellbeing Representatives are present in every form group in the school to promote and coordinate a prayer life and an environment focused on caring for every student.

The Junior Leadership team and Charity officers help to run events as well as encouraging other students to be active in looking for ways to care for others locally, nationally and Globally.


What was the Most important part of Liturgy Leader training for you?

  • “The training day was very useful and inspiring, I really liked the session with the Westminster Youth Ministry and Mrs Ward's talk on Leadership.”
  • “How to be a good leader - to serve others and put their needs before my own.”
  • “Realised how much of a responsibility I have now and also how I can help in school e.g. charities and eco”
  • “The fact that prayer is important way to connect and communicate spiritually with God.”

Students in Year 7-10 Sept 2023


“It was lovely to see so many students involved in the school chaplaincy.”

Westminster Youth Ministry

There is a well developed retreat programme so that every student in Year 7 to 11 receives a day of spiritual retreat, personal reflection and sharing with peers. Sixth Form as well as other groups are given the opportunity to choose to join residential retreats, days of Faith development and pilgrimages.



“I enjoyed the activities and reflection activities and games were pretty fun. I learnt how we are spiritually connected to God, and it has helped me to develop my understanding of who God is. It has given me a new perspective of how I see things.” 

Delilah Year 11

Picture6'Flame was truly a great event: the theme was 'Rise Up'. To help express how we could rise up against our personal hardships and society's challenges , there were amazing musicians and moving testimonies that really inspired me to grow in my faith; this all helped me to properly understand the life God wishes me to lead. This was a fun and special event where I met many new friends, and I would love to go again; I would definitely recommend others to go!' 

Anabel Year 10


My favourite part of the week was working together as a team with other redcaps to assist the pilgrims. Having a sense of responsibility and the need for care and even needing to adapt towards these roles in situations to be able to fully assist the pilgrims made the role fulfilling.  


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