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Catholic Life

St. Bernard’s lives as a Catholic community where all are welcomed and given what they need to grow in their love of others, faith, understanding and virtue.

St Bernard’s is a community where every individual is given respect and shown how to give respect to others. This builds the strong relationships that are at the heart of the schools Mission and Life.

“This is a kind and inclusive community where everyone matters. Pupils strongly demonstrate the school values of love, forgiveness and compassion. They seek to help others in and out of lessons and there is a warm and calm atmosphere across the school.”

Ofsted 2023

Charity   Over £4500 raised directly for charities in 2023 along with many other initiatives.

Can you beat that for 2024?


St. Bernard’s gives the experience and chance to contribute to a living, breathing church. Students come together in worship, but also in opportunities to build understanding of what it means to be a welcome member of this Catholic Community as well as the Global church.


  • Students leaders deepen and enrich the Catholic life of our school.
  • Sharing their voice into school improvement through school council and the Junior Leadership team.
  • Reaching out to others as Cafod Young leaders and young health champions.
  • Supporting each other as peer mentors and wellbeing representatives.
  • Planning and reviewing prayer and worship as Liturgy Leaders.
  • Leading the Senior Citizens party, Lenten sports fundraising event, Sports day and so many other things.




Not only do students experience being loved and valued by adults and strong pastoral care. They become leaders of our school’s mission for each other.  

‘I took away the importance of wellbeing reps to our school community. That your mental wellbeing can affect both your physical and mental state of mind.’  



‘The most useful part of the training for me was analysing key word definitions about mental health and then discussing what our opinions were. It was really interesting to hear how different everyone’s interpretation was. I understood the importance of telling an adult how someone is feeling and learning about different coping strategies.’  





St Bernard’s is a diverse community where all come together to share. By living out the school motto: Dieu Mon Abri there is an understanding that “God is our shelter”, and we are all welcomed under that shelter together. 

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