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Mission Statement & Ethos

At St Bernard’s School, students are educated in a nurturing community where each person is loved and valued.

We aim to follow the example of the Bernardine Sisters in having prayer and worship at the centre of our lives. With God as our shelter, we strive to be of service to others and uphold the Christian values of love, forgiveness and compassion that Jesus taught us.


The School aims to promote the spiritual life of the School Community by giving primacy to worship and prayer together.

It aims to develop the potential of all students by encouraging them to learn for themselves in a search for knowledge and truth and to strive for academic excellence. It aims to provide them with the means to take an active part in the field of their choice, with a full and responsible understanding of the rapidly developing world in which they live.

It aims to provide an opportunity for the balanced development of the student’s intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual qualities and to foster an appreciation of those things which add quality to life, by developing creative and artistic gifts and skills.

It aims to be a place of Christian service where all are sensitive to the needs of others; where there is a determination to promote human rights and a recognition of the corresponding duties; where a sense of justice is fostered and an awareness that all people have an equal value.

Most importantly, its purpose is, in partnership with the home and parish, to help all members of the School Community to live the Gospel values of reconciliation and forgiveness and to respond in a Christian way to the challenges of life with its joys and sorrows. Thus it is hoped that each one will be able to achieve a loving relationship with God and all creation; to make the appropriate moral decision; and to grow towards mature membership of the Church.


The mission and vision of St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School is to create an environment in which all our members will experience a deeply held faith, a commitment to Catholic values and a sense of belonging.   

It is in this climate that our pupils achieve excellent academic results and fulfil their potential as learners. 

The distinctive nature of our school is based on strong foundations and the established traditions of the Catholic Church and the Bernardine Sisters who founded the school.   

Our Mission Statement captures the essence of what we believe in and encourages us in all that we do. We constantly remind pupils of the values, principles that we share as a community, prayer, work and service. 

The spiritual, moral and cultural development of all our pupils is encouraged through our prayer life, everyday actions and words. Positive relations between all members of our school community are the foundation of our success. 

The community of St Bernard's has a local, national and international dimension where pupils and staff are involved in supporting various different Catholic charities and organisations to help the poor and disadvantaged in our world. We are very proud of our partnership with Sinethemba School in South Africa. 

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