Sixth Form Information

Welcome Message

What to expect as your child moves into the Sixth Form at St Bernard’s in Sixth Form is that students become more independent and are responsible for managing their studies. They are encouraged to take part in community service, both in and out of school.

Activities: Year 12 activities, which are on the school calendar, depend on the subjects studied. Students can use the school gym at lunchtime, and do a range of PE activities. There are many clubs in which they can participate.

In the first term, Year 12 students organise a Christmas party for the elderly in the local community. In the Spring term, the officers, JMT, Junior Management Team (i.e. Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl, and Sports’ Captains, House Captains and Prefects) are elected. They stay in post for a year. The Head Girl and Head Boy sit on the School Council. All officers are very involved in the life of the school. The House Captains organise House assemblies and help the Sports’ Captains with Sports Day.

One of the biggest responsibilities for the officers is organising Guardian Angels in the October of their Year 13. They also help to arrange the Year 13 Ball, which is the final event held at the end of June.

Study leave: students have some study leave for exams in May/June. They are expected to manage their study time and use it productively, seeking advice where necessary from staff who are available at this time.

Many university places are reliant upon the grades achieved, and so it is vital that students make the most of the opportunities to study, and avail themselves of the help offered by staff at this time.

Progress Reports: Parents are kept informed of students’ progress with Effort & Attainment grade sheets, together with a full written report in both Year 12 and Year 13. There are also two Parents’ Evenings, one in December for Year 12 and another in December of Year 13.

Higher Education and Careers Advice: The Careers Advisor gives advice from the Spring term of Year 12 onwards, regarding Higher Education and careers opportunities. Year 12 students can do the ‘Centigrade’ questionnaire for further information. The Tutors help students with the process of applying to University and apprenticeships etc.

Higher Education Choices: students start to look at their choices, such as universities, in the Spring term of Year 12. There is a Higher Education Evening: this is for Year 12 students and parents; it explains the process of how to apply for Higher Education and informs parents of the financial implications. In Year 13, students who want to go to universities should complete their university application (UCAS application) by the end of November, unless they are either Oxbridge, medical, dentistry or veterinary students, in which case the deadline is early October. Students choose five universities, and write a personal statement. They are supported by tutors, subject staff and the Career Advisor when writing their personal statements.

Finally, tutors write the academic reference and this is checked by both Mrs Seagrove and the Headteacher. Once the application has been sent to UCAS, students await their offers. These offers must be accepted by the appropriate dates, as indicated.

Head of Sixth Form

Mrs D Seagrove

Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Mrs C Killick


12Ba – Mrs Nischal                                                                     13Ba – Miss Thomas

12Br – Dr Goldring                                                                      13Br – Mrs Fletcher/Dr Wilson

12Ca – Mr Hastings                                                                     13Ca – Mr Mullan

12Go – Mrs Diaz/Mr Buchholdt                                                   13Go – Mrs Rees/Mrs Sotra

12Mi – Mr Woodin                                                                        13Mi – Mr Child

12To – Miss Man                                                                          13To – Mr Lasher