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Personal Statements

Mrs Yvette Bowler

My name is Yvette Bowler, I am 39, married to Kevin and have two children currently at St Bernard’s in Years 10 and 8. I teach in a local Catholic primary school and am committed to Catholic education with a strong belief in the choice offered through a Catholic grammar school (and in the continuance of a local Catholic grammar school available to the children currently at St Bernard’s and to future generations of children). I have a good understanding of the education system both as a teacher, a parent and as I have previously been a school governor (primary) and therefore understand the role I would need to fulfil. I can also empathise with the needs of our children and with the necessity for parents to have a voice in the education of our children through the Governing Body. Kevin and I have been privileged to be able to send our children to St Bernard’s. We are impressed by the strong Catholic ethos that the school embodies, of the outstanding care shown to the children and of the consistently high standard of education our children receive. If elected I would listen to your views, liaise with other Parent Governors and voice your opinions at Governing Body meetings. If I am not elected as your representative I will give my full support to the elected parent and wish them well in their role.

Mr Richard Douglas

In support of my application for election as a Parent Governor I offer the following outline of my experience which I believe equips me for the role.

I am a qualified teacher, who after two years’ experience within a mixed secondary school gained a commission into the Army Educational Corps. The majority of my service was spent managing the delivery of educational opportunities for Army personnel and their families. This included 3 years in a role equivalent to a local education authority responsible for the provision of multi-national, multi-faith schools for the children of British and Ghurkha service personnel.

I am currently the Chief Executive of a multi-million pound grant-making charity and am trustee of a further charity. Both roles require the effective management of staff teams whose ethos is centred on the provision of an effective service to all stakeholders. I have extensive experience of fundraising and of the financial pressures faced by not-for-profit organisations.

I have previous experience as a school governor, including a period of 6 months as acting Chair of Governors. During this time I was actively involved in preparation for an OFSTED inspection with an ultimate assessment of outstanding. I am well aware of the importance of effective governance and am prepared to make a sincere commitment of both my time and experience on behalf of St Bernard’s.

Finally, as the parent of twins I have the additional benefit of perhaps gaining a greater insight into life at St Bernard’s than many other parents of teenagers. Even if my son and daughter perpetuate the stereotypical reluctance of teenagers to communicate with their parents, they do talk to each other with the result that my wife and I are kept up to date with a wide variety of information about what is important to them as pupils at St Bernard’s.

Mr John McDonnell

I have two daughters, one currently in Year 9 at St Bernard’s and the younger one at Holy Family School.

During the last 2 years, I have witnessed the wonderful environment this school provides for our children in many ways. My child’s enthusiasm for attending school and how the school itself encourages the learning and development of our children, whilst providing a safe, caring environment have been a joy to observe.

I have worked in a large international organization (IBM) for the last 9 years. My work gives me the opportunity to travel to many different countries, which has given me a greater understanding of culture and traditions. As part of my work, I am involved in an ongoing strategy which introduces young people to the reality of the working environment. Boys and girls who have an interest in learning skills in Information Technology are introduced to ways that support environment, health and education, whilst also understanding how the young generation can bring change to the way we live our lives today. I believe that working together to achieve a common goal, creating a culture of teamwork, most things are possible.

It would therefore be my privilege to help support the school, staff and governors by bringing my knowledge, experience and professional skills to the Governing Body in any way I can.

Mr Patrick McGill

I have previously served as a Parent Governor for the last 7 years. I relinquished that post last year. My main role as Governor would be to assist the Headteacher and his staff in maintaining the high standard and ethics of the school now and in the future.

I am totally opposed to the proposed merger with St Joseph’s. I truly believe that as Catholics we should be entitled to CHOICE in Catholic education, and that both schools should be funded to allow every child to reach their potential. To that end I am also a member of a group of St Bernard’s parents who have joined together to oppose this merger under the title FaCT (faith and choice together). This is an issue that will affect the WHOLE school. To those parents who think “my child will have left and it does not concern me” are actually living in a self-induced fantasy land. If the proposal is agreed, our children and the school staff will feel the effects immediately, with their education being disrupted for up to 4 years or longer. We have very little time to resist this assault on our children’s education.