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PTFA Upcoming Event

Barn Dance

Saturday, 19th October 2019


We are excited to announce that the next PTFA event will be Barn Dance on Saturday, 19th October 2019.


Please contact Sharon Westby on:-


Welcome to St Bernard’s Parent Teacher Association (PTFA).

The PTFA Committee is made up of parents and staff who organise social and fund-raising events to support and enhance opportunities for our children.

The school has enjoyed and benefited from many years of community development and fundraising, from a highly successful and dedicated team of parents and friends, who have volunteered as part of this vital group. Following the departure of the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer last year, we are looking for new and enthusiastic parents to join and revitalise our PTFA, who have contributed so much to the life of the school.

If new parents would like to offer their services to the school, please contact Sharon Westby on

Last year the PTFA raised over £30,000 which helped to provide educational equipment, sports and leisure equipment and improved school facilities.

St Bernard’s needs and appreciates the support of a strong and vibrant PTFA. The PTFA in turn, needs and appreciates the support of parents, carers, local businesses and the local community.

The PTFA arrange a variety of events each year, including the Year 7 Parents' Welcome Evening in September, Christmas and Summer Fetes and a Quiz Night in February. Full details of event dates and times will be available on the PTFA Website page.

Parental, company and community donations of raffle prizes, silent auction prizes, items for the various Fete stalls and company profit matching are vital to our fund-raising efforts and we appreciate your support in providing any of these.

We also organise a 400 Club, a limited entry draw, which contributes towards the maintenance of the School’s Minibus. Further details of the 400 Club will shortly be available on the PTFA Website page.

However, our purpose is not solely about fund-raising. Being part of the PTFA is a great way to take an active part in the School community. Parents and teachers working together in partnership is an important and fulfilling aspect of school life and is one that really does contribute to the vibrancy and success of St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School. Being an active member of the PTFA Committee is a great way to get to know other parents and members of staff who work together towards a common aim, the enhancement of opportunities for our children.

We encourage everyone to become involved and support the PTFA in whatever way you can. 

Please support your children's education by supporting your PTFA.

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