Year 10 Information

Head of Year 10

Miss Cunningham



10A – Mr Rochester

10B – Ms Kelliher

10R – Mr Conroy

10S – Mr Collins


Results of Parents Evening Questionaire


Homework Expectations

Students should expect 10 to 14 hours of homework per week (approximately 45mins per subject), with homework being set in every subject, with the exception of core PE.  On the rare occasions where less homework is set, the expectation is that students use the ‘spare’ time to undertake personal consolidation of the course content.  Consequently, there should not be a week where suggested total time for homework is not fulfilled.

Punctuality and Attendance

Research shows that absence has a negative link to attainment, with every extra day missed associated with a lower chance of achieving GCSEs at grades 9-4.  The national average for attendance is 95% which is equivalent to approximately 50 missed lessons.  These missed lessons may include vital knowledge, links to prior learning, exam technique and disrupt your child’s routine so I ask that you help me to encourage your child to maintain an excellent punctuality and attendance record.

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