St Bernard's Chaplaincy

St Bernard’s Chaplaincy Team consists of a full time chaplaincy co-ordinator and numerous members of staff who contribute to the chaplaincy, mainly on a voluntary basis.

The chaplaincy seeks to facilitate the realisation of the school mission statement – so in this sense it involves every member of staff.

The chaplaincy itself gives a focus and expression to the school’s fundamental aim of valuing the whole person and seeking both their human and spiritual growth in Christ.

In liaison with the Religious Education Department the chaplaincy offers a retreat experience to every member of the school community each year in the form of Away Days, Stopovers, camp-based retreats, staff retreats etc.

In addition there are many events such as Deanery and Diocesan events, as well as national and international pilgrimages, worship and community experiences and SVP.

In attempting to live out our Mission Statement ‘…its purpose is in partnership with the home and the parish …’ we offer Catechist and Eucharist Ministry Courses where our young people work in local parishes and schools.

In this way we continue to forge links with our feeder parishes and see this contact as adding an invaluable support to the chaplaincy at St Bernard’s.