Whilst we hope you will find our website both informative and helpful as an introduction to the school, we would very much encourage you to visit St Bernard’s and experience our Christian ethos and friendly environment for yourself.

We are first and foremost a Catholic school, inspired by the example of the Bernardine Sisters, our former trustees. The teachers are dedicated and work with commitment to ensure that the students develop their talents to the full across the whole range of school activities. Staff are generous with their time and energy and offer activities, challenges and opportunities to enable all students to experience success.

The students themselves are, we believe, happy and fulfilled in an atmosphere permeated by the Gospel values of love, forgiveness and compassion. All are valued not for what they do, but for who they are and they develop and mature in an awareness of the needs of others and the importance of service before self. We want our students to enjoy their time at St Bernard’s and trust that they will remember how they were treated long after they may have forgotten the specifics of what they were taught. They are rewarding young people, talented and motivated, and a pleasure to be with.

Parents are fully involved in their children’s education at St Bernard’s and we are continually exploring ways to strengthen this partnership and reinforce home-school links. There is very good communication between parents and school and we encourage parents to involve themselves fully in the life of the school.

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