Careers Information

St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar School is committed to offering our students high quality career learning opportunities. These are provided through a programme of internal careers education and externally provided careers information, advice and guidance (IAG). The Careers education programme, whilst delivered in part through tutors as part of the tutorial programme, is also supported by a Careers Advisor and external companies who are engaged to run specific events.

What follows is a summary of the Careers education and support offered to each year group:
Year 7: How students’ view of themselves has developed over the course of the year.

Year 8: Students are introduced to the careers library and encouraged to make use of its facilities which include access to careers computer software. They have a number of sessions with our external providers. Students take part in the employer simulation: “The Real Game”.

Year 9: All students take part in mini enterprise activities. They also are given help and advice with their GCSE and other choices by independent external providers.

Year 10: All Year 10 students take part in an off-timetable industry and commerce day. (Amazing Events) they are encouraged to make regular use of the careers library. The full range of post-16 possibilities are explored.

Year 11: Talks by employers are included as well as one-to-one career interviews for those students who want them. All Year 11 students take part in a one day ‘Interview Day’ in which they are given a mock interview by industry professionals. Parents are encouraged to be involved in and supportive of these activities. Special attention is given to the needs of students with difficult personal circumstances and with SEN. When the GCSE results come through after the end of Year 11, staff are on hand to give additional guidance if needed.

Year 12: The post-16 careers provision is part of our sixth form enrichment programme. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own personal development. They are kept aware of changing career processes and opportunities, as well as being encouraged to carry out their own research and to develop their personal network of support. Students are given permission for up to 4 days off school in order to facilitate visits to higher education and other institutions. The best possible up-to-date impartial advice is available through our Careers advisor. Students are offered the opportunity to take part in the local young enterprise scheme.

Year 13: The focus is upon preparing personal statements and in making final choices for university. The support offered in Year 12 continues into Year 13.


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